wearable Holder Hauptbild Neu mit Artefakt


Designed to be touched


Simple, modern and timeless

A floating design makes the C-Clip a valuable asset for your sales area!
The sleek and unobtrusive appearance ensures your products always stand out from the crowd.

                  to use

Pick up, try out, replace

Arouse positive emotions by giving your customers the experience of touching and testing your product almost without restriction!
The rugged yet modern design almost makes your customer forget there is a security element in place.

  Power Supply  

Always powered

Be well prepared for the future!
The integrated power supply can be individually adapted to the respective product.
Demonstration holders act as a promotional tool without any additional personnel expenditure.


Perfectly secured

The C-Clip is not only capable of securing the watch itself from loss, but also the corresponding strap!
As an added benefit, you can dispense with an additional security component for the strap.


Pick up, try out, replace

Make new statements and showcase your presentation in a whole new light!
No more visible cables: the built-in recoiler ensures your product always remains a highlight!