Compact 2 Bild1 final

Compact 2

            Small, compact and stylish


Unique, modern and handy

The Compact 2 is ideally suited for use directly within your presentation thanks to its compact design.
The alarm control centre is available in black, white and grey finishes, which enables it to blend in with your presentation.


Securely exhibited products

The Compact 2 makes it possible to secure your products throughout the market. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a permanent secondary display or set up a special sales area.
The alarm control centre is operated via an internal battery with a running time of up to one year. This means you are completely independent of a power supply!


Two products, one security centre

Despite its compact dimensions, a control centre is able to secure two products simultaneously.
An alarm is not only signalled acoustically, but it is also displayed visually on the respective product as well as on the Compact 2 unit itself.