Compact II Bild 2 final

Compact II

Proven technology – integrated in a space-saving manner


Tailored to your needs

The Compact II features four or six connections for your products (depending on the version selected) to ensure optimum adaptation to smaller presentations.
The alarm control centre naturally uses the tried and tested technology utilised by the Zacocontrol System and is compatible with all of the existing operator keys and security cables!

                                  Power supply

Operation supported for up to a week

All of the Compact II alarm control centres are equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery. This ensures that security is maintained for your products even in the event of a power failure.
If the power supply fails for a longer period, there is still no cause for concern because the system will continue to operate for up to seven days in battery mode.
The integrated rechargeable battery is fully charged in a short space of time and it is continuously maintained at the appropriate level via a trickle charge.

  Power supply  

Decide for yourself

You may not want a power supply at all, or you may require a 5 volt supply at 1 amp or a 5 volt supply at 2 amps: by opting for the Compact II you will have an alarm control centre that is specially tailored to your modern presentation.