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Internal coiled cable

The internally routed security cable provides you with a clean and tidy presentation without sacrificing the longevity of a coiled cable!
The smart design allows the presentation holder to function without a recoiler.
This not only guarantees longevity, but also provides a better impression of the actual weight of the product.

                  to use

Easy to use

The magnetic holder allows your customers to easily and intuitively remove the product!
The internally routed cable ensures the necessary security for the customer to return the product to the holder.

  Power supply  

Smartphone, Tablet or Smartwatch

Decide for yourself which power supply is best suited for your range of products!
You may not want a power supply at all, or you may require a 5 volt supply at 2 amps or even a power supply for photographic equipment: whatever your requirements, the TWIN-BASE ensures flexibility when it comes to making your decisions.


360° lighting in over 16.5 million colours

Showcase your products with 360° LED lighting and use it as a tool to promote sales!
It is a proven fact that light not only creates a more pleasant atmosphere, but it also enhances a customer’s bond with a brand.


Optional obtainable

Supplement your security mechanically and lock your products’ battery in place.
The design of the holding clamps ensures the surfaces of your exhibited products are protected from scratches and damage.